Our Consulting Model

We redefined consulting to make it better for clients and consultants. We carefully select experienced independent consultants for clients to choose from in addressing their specific needs. That means personalised expertise at very competitive rates. We work across the Mining, Banking, Insurance, Information Technology, and Manufacturing industries.

Our Consultants

Our independent consultants have none of the internal demands from a traditional firm and can devote all their energy on serving the client. They only choose projects they want to work on and clients they want to work with. They thus work with high levels of focus and commitment.

About Exactitude Consulting

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Our Clients

Our clients get access to a pool of consultants that are usually twice more experienced at much better pricing than comparable teams from traditional firms. We have the privilege to serve top multi-national and blue chip clients in South Africa and have executed numerous projects from Change Management to Strategy, Organisational Transformation to Risk Management.