Change Management Program and Project Support

We use an established, customisable method and toolset to facilitate the realisation of the program or project business case.

  • Vision and case for change
  • Sponsorship coalition
  • Leadership consensus to lead the change with shared expectations
  • Stakeholder identification and engagement plans
  • Communication strategy, planning, and execution
  • People impacts identification and management
  • Change management tracking dashboard
  • Process and role clarification
  • Training strategy and plan
  • Embedding (adoption and stabilisation) strategy and plan

Change Management Capability Enablement

We have unique expertise in enabling internal Change Management capability for three of the largest blue-chip companies in South Africa and a large parastatal.

  • Customised change management framework, method, and toolset enabled on appropriate technology platform
  • Adoption and stabilisation of aligned application of method and toolset
  • Governance processes, structures, and roles / responsibilities
  • Metrics to track people impacts across programs and projects
  • People impacts as a key influencer of project portfolio decision-making
  • Communication governance across all programs and projects
  • Change management metrics and tracking integrated with program / project reporting
  • Equipped internal change management resources

Whole System Change

Increasing an organisation’s ability to manage complexity by taking a whole system (emergent) approach to change, understanding the interdependent nature of all parts of the organisation’s internal and external environment.

  • High impact for Large Scale Interventions (LSI’s) like conferences or cross-functional breakaways
  • Especially helpful with strategic and cultural changes
  • Recognises the need for enabling the whole system or at least a good representation of the whole system (diversity) to engage in the change dialogue

Bottom-up, participatory approach requiring recognition by leaders that they cannot directly produce global patterns of behaviour the organisation is seeking but have to let them unfold.