Change Management Programme and Project Support

After years of doing change management on large programmes and projects, we have learnt to keep things simple and practical. We use an easily customisable method (PEG) and extensive toolset to facilitate the realisation of the programme or project business case.

Why the need to lead change?

  • The journey of change.
  • Psychological reactions to change.
  • Rational vs. emotional change.

1. Prepare for the change - "know what and how to change"

  • Develop case for change.
  • Facilitate leadership consensus.
  • Ensure adequate sponsorship.

2. Execute the change - "empower people through the change"

  • Identify and analyse stakeholders.
  • Develop stakeholder engagement plan.
  • Assess people impacts and develop action plan.

3. Ground the change - "make the change stick"

  • Identify adoption and stabilisation activities.
  • Develop embedding plan.
  • Monitor and manage progress.