Service offering includes:

  • Fully integrated coaching programmes.
  • Individual and team coaching with contextual interviews and supervision.
  • Coaching skills and continual professional leadership development.
  • Lifelong learning through peer practice supervision.
  • Active and relevant feedback and evaluation.
  • In-situ live business needs and development analysis.

Our typical process consists of the following stages:

  • Initial contextual exploration, clarification and contracting with business lead.
  • Broader team and organisation discussions, exploration and inquiry around current functioning.
  • Joint assessment of current environment.
  • Design and contract for learning and development intervention.
  • Enter learning process - strengths and innate capability, listening, exploring and action.
  • Joint assessment and reflection on learning and impact with revision to ongoing process.

We work with your organisational system through continuous cycles of clarification, contracting and feedback. We facilitate a process of heightening sensitivity to the systemic dynamics at play through an attention to the phenomena as they emerge in conversations and coaching processes.