End-to-end value chain of risk management, from setting the organisation’s framework, through to independent assurance of conformance against these frameworks, key control effectiveness, and reporting to key governing bodies such as the Board, Risk and Audit Committees.

Key aspects of the service offering, whether at organisational, functional, or business unit level include:

  • Design and execution of fit-for-purpose and practical Risk Management frameworks.
  • Implementation plans which are aligned with the organisation’s risk maturity, including the assessment of the current and desired future state.
  • Key control assessments and conformance with policies and procedures.
  • Design and implementation of appropriate governance and monitoring structures able to report into Board level committees.
  • Best practice guidance on Corporate Governance and Board requirements such as King Codes, Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Service as a non-Executive Director on Board and Board sub-committees.
  • Board related support services to Chairpersons and other Executive or Non-Executive Board members.