Scenario Planning

We use fit for purpose scenario planning methods to -

  • Establish the key purpose and objectives of the scenario planning exercise.
  • Assess the client maturity in using scenario planning.
  • Develop customised approaches to the scenario planning together with client personnel.
  • Facilitate the scenario planning workshops and sessions.
  • Develop scenario documentation with clear audit history on decisions made.
  • Develop the final deliverables specified: reports, presentations, and other required documentation.
  • Leave the client with a scenario planning method that can be used internally in future.

Mind Of A Fox Conversation Model

We have successfully employed the well known Conversation Model with clients to develop strategies through the ten step process -

  1. Context
  2. Scope
  3. Players
  4. Rules of the Game
  5. Key Uncertainties
  6. Scenarios
  7. SWOT
  8. Options
  9. Decisions
  10. Meaning of Winning