It was a pleasure working with Exactitude, a team of professionals with a get it done attitude. The team consists of experts in their field with a work ethic of the highest standard and from my experience, their delivery exceeds expectations.

Matthew Lotter, Change Manager

Exactitude Consulting provides a mutually beneficial partnership for seasoned, independent Consultants looking for opportunities to match their specialist skills with Client requirements. Exactitude provides all the back office support to enable you to give Clients 100% of your focus. While Clients can be assured of being provided the best possible resources to meet their unique requirements under flexible contracting arrangements. My Client engagement via Exactitude Consulting spanned a period of 4-yrs, during which time I received highly professional and flexible support from the Exactitude team that contributed to the longevity of the engagement. I would highly recommend Exactitude Consulting to both independent Consultants and Clients looking for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Boris Sucevic, Management Consultant (Supply Chain / Procurement)

Exactitude Consulting lives their value of ‘professionals who care’ - for both staff and clients. Their personal touch ensures that the right expertise is consistently applied to the requirement for exceeding value delivery. I can highly recommend Exactitude Consulting as a strategic partner to both clients and potential employees.

Nicky Stapelberg, Project Manager

Exactitude Consulting brings the best team for each client situation through their vast network of experienced consultants. I have enjoyed the partnership and the challenging client engagements we have worked together on providing forward thinking solutions that resulted in sustainable and lasting change.

Tim Dröge, Principal Management Consultant

I’ve been consulting independently for ten years now, with four of these years in happy association with Exactitude. They’ve really mastered the art of balancing independence with the comfort of being part of a larger team. It’s great to work with professionals in a truly mutually beneficial relationship.

Marianne Plummer, Change Management Consultant

Exactitude is in one word – Phenomenal! Exactitude is the personification of exceptional expertise, professionalism and dedication to excellent service, mixed with a huge chunk of passion and care, not only for their clients but also for their consultants. I am proud to be part of this extraordinary team.

Dr Ilse Geldenhuys, Snr Process Consultant

A deep routed sense of consideration for their employees, a keen sense of business negotiation and excellent pairing skills has afforded me what I believe to be the best job I ever had. Their acute attention to detail and accuracy contribute to their preceding reputation of professionalism. I am proud and much obliged to be a part of this team.

Muneera Dickinson, Training Consultant

Good Attitude. Good Vibes. Good Company. Great Team to work for and with.

Paul Cook, Snr Programme Manager

Very welcoming and professional staff. Have a strong focus on delivery and maintaining good relationships with customers. Admin staff efficient and keep promises at all times.

Ngoako Ngwepe, Integration Manager

For the 3 years that I was with Exactitude Consulting, they were more than a family to me. I was never made to feel like a commoner, instead a shareholder to the company. They listen to everyone’s idea and work to implement them.

Stanley Mawila, SAP Consultant

I found Exactitude Consulting to be a clear-minded group of professionals who are able to maintain focus on the task while still being friendly and welcoming in their approach. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Ian Macleod, Snr Business Analyst

I like working with Exactitude Consulting because I get the opportunity to interact with knowledgeable and supportive colleagues on a daily basis. They also provide me with professional challenges and growth opportunities. Exactitude Consulting has authentic people who focus on building relationships with the client and their employees to create sustainable two-way long-term relationships.

Christine Elliott Tredoux, Change Management Consultant